Upcoming Exhibition 

@ Praise Shadows Art Gallery

January 7- January 31 2021

See & Be Seen

See and Be Seen embraces the genre of portraiture but under a new lens. The starting point is Katherine Mitchell DiRico’s installation, a contemporary vanitas still life composed of a small mirror alongside deconstructed elements such as folded paper and string. The composition is reminiscent of a Renaissance still life, seemingly assembled on a whim, but very much intentional. Illuminated with an ultraviolet light source, this sculptural work forces the viewer to reconsider her place in the reflection. In this new era, where so much has been deconstructed, dismantled, and reconsidered, who are the faces of new portraiture?
The paintings and sculptures in this exhibition include self-portraits, portraits of real sitters, and portraits of ideals. The artists employ humor and self-reflection, two things we all need more of as we embark on a new year.

Katherine Mitchell DiRico, Madeline Donehue, Modupeola Fadugba, Barbara Ishikura, Yowshien Kuo, Suchitra Mattai, and Miguel Angel Payano Jr.

313A Harvard Street

Brookline MA 02446

Wednesday – Sunday
11am – 6pm or by appointment 


Katherine Mitchell DiRicoFragile Breath, 2021

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