On the Mechanics of Breathing

(detail), 2018

wood, rattan, monofilament, thread, pins, aluminum weight, mirror, and bioplastic, 5’ x 1’ x 2’



A Solo Exhibition 
by Katherine Mitchell DiRico

Abigail Ogilvy Gallery
Exhibition Dates: April 4-28, 2019
Reception: Friday, April 5, 6-8 PM

Read Curator Jen Mergel's  exhibition text Nervous Systems: "Sense" Rearticulated by Katherine Mitchell DiRico" which is available and reproduced with permission of the author (2019).


*This work was developed by Mitchell DiRico during the 2018 Walter Feldman Fellowship year, juried by Jen Mergel, and administered by the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston. 

Read Boston Hassle's Review 


In Conversation: RSVP Required
Thursday, April 11, 6-7:30
Join Leonie Bradbury, Director of Art and Creative Initiatives at HUBweek, in conversation with Katherine Mitchell DiRico about her work and how it relates to contemporary art, technology, and innovation. Light fare will be provided. 

Artist Lecture and Tour at ArtWeek: Saturday, April 27 @ 2 PM 


Katherine Mitchell DiRico’s solo exhibition Instruments of Synesthesia explores how today's constant connectivity affects sense perception. Hovering between drawing and sculpture, sound and vibration, these tightly-wound works prompt intimate negotiations with visibility, location, tension, finity--even rationality. Choreographing their own unique data stream, they reflect a networked world in which nothing is ever turned off and a state of rest can never be achieved.

Instruments of Synesthesia employs disparate materials to create an immersive environment that is at once synchronous and simultaneous, yet out of sync. Works accrue from the floor, the walls and the ceiling to manifest the tangle of invisible forces--white noise, endless feeds, unread threads in the airwaves that tether our bodies and minds. Bright orange filament clusters as tiny explosions. Taut lines bend to the breaking point. Weblike shadows draw us in and hold our own silhouettes. Sound bleeds in fits and starts, slipping in and out of decipherable narratives. Sensors reflect our presence as a vibrating hum. Surveillance mirrors glare back at us.

Together, the work embodies a sense that something is being tracked--something in its volume and pervasiveness that can never be fully known. This volume is tethered only by a thread pinned to the floor, a metaphorical and impossibly literal stress point. Instruments of Synesthesia offers a quiet response to the immense machinations of the systems and technology that socially mediates, and envelops the body politic, one download at a time.

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