Sourced is an installation including photography, text, sound, and video installation.

Focused on the perpetual global movement of a single commodity, salt, Sourced is a meditation on the imaginary and material geographies of the advanced capitalist world. It investigates the gap between the assumed and abstracted systems of industry and our connection to these materials. What is our relationship to these natural resources that we are moving from continent to continent?

By documenting 340,000 tons of salt as it moves slowly from Carickfergus, Ireland to East Boston, Massachusetts, Sourced offers a place to consider this question within a post-industrial landscape. Within the context of this experimental documentary, industrial sites become landscapes and vice-versa as we dig caverns in Ireland, only to make mountains in the US. Video, sound and photography intimately capture these processes at a scale and pace that asks the viewer to patiently bear witness to our global and industrialized surroundings. Sounds synchronize to movements that we cannot see, and machinery echoes in an environment 300 meters underground yet there are no people to be found. These uneasy relationships between landscape, industry, scale, and narrative elaborate on the transnational systems of trade on which we depend.

24″ x 30″, 2013

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